Dear Papa,

I love you. You have a nice hug. You make me happy inside. You should come home more. Someday I will be just like you. You + me = the strongest team.

If I saw you now I’d ask for a tomato sandwich. Cause you make them better than okaasan. I want to come to work with you. I would build a kingdom just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be the one okaasan sings me at night sometimes. We could play tag under the stars.

the third best Uchiha.
(P.S. please don’t tell okaasan what I said.)

Anonymous whispered -- 1/2: Don't worry about boobage. If you've got it, flaunt it! What's the point of putting what you've got to waste! 

// ooc; Wasn’t expecting a reply but hehe thank you, I don’t know , I guess it’s first time jitters. I love Tsunade so I’m definitely still considering it plus I won’t need a wig for her since my hair is already blonde! This is in reply to your other message too anon. But yeah, I’ll think on it some more :3

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//ooc: Sorry but I found this amusing. That picture I drew of little Sasuke cuddling his Dinosaur? Well I uploaded it to DA and someone added it to their ‘SASUHINA’ collection.

Hinata is now a dinosaur :’|

Either way I’m grateful my arts even getting attention like whoa.

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❄ Littlesasuke-chan’s 100 follower follow forever ❄


Aka: people who i love and why

It gets kinda gushy towards the end but yeah

I hope you all like it

Sorry if you’re not on there

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// You remember last year I was talking about putting a Tsunade cosplay together? Well it still ain’t happened ^^; the reason? I’m a bit wary about *ahem* boobage. Like people will think I’m trying to show off or something. Ftgbbgfffrfbh I’d do Sasuke but my wig for him is too short. I’m a cosplay noob forreals.

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// I didn’t mean to make Sasuke look so sad lol but anyway, thank you everyone for sticking around and interacting with me. I love writing for Sasuke and that feeling is made even better by you guys. Even if we don’t interact, I know some of you read and like my posts which means just as much.

I hope to continue, improve and make more friends here. I know some of us are a little disheartened by the direction the manga has been going but you know, we shouldn’t let that stop us having fun and doing what we do best - even if we end up straying from canon ^^ imagination and creativity is what it’s all about after all right? We can still do our characters justice without following canon to the dot.

So yeah, I’m rambling as always .

Stay awesome folks!

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Dear Uchiha Sasuke,

        I still love you. You have a nice face. You make me want fight beside you. You should come back to Konoha. Someday I will forgive you. You + me = …I don’t know….. 

If I saw you now I’d punch your face. I want to talk to you. I would build a reality you can look forward to just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be …I don’t think you want to hear me singing. 

We could reminisce under the stars. 

                      Love, from
                              Haruno Sakura

(P.S.your eyes creep me out now.)

❄ Letter Meme ❄

Dear brat,

I loathe you. You have a nice way of screwing everything up. You make me sick. You should die. Someday I will kill you. You + me = a bloodbath. 

If I saw you now I’d kill you. I want to kill you. I would build a world of despair just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be a dirge. 

We could fight to the death under the stars. 

With deepest hatred, 
Your lord and god

(P.S. Die.)

❄ Letter meme ❄

Dear Sasuke,

I miss you. You have a nice hair cut, don’t let people say the contrary. You make me smile too. You should never change.
Someday I will show you how to use this at your advantage.
You + me = Super ninja cousins.
If I saw you now I’d hug you wildly and tickle you to death. I want to protect you. I would build a better future just for you.
If I could sing you any song it would be a crazy lullaby with fluffy dinosaurs and tomatoes.
We could talk about your dreams for the future and your concerns under the stars.


(P.S. Tell Itachi I miss him too and to go easy on the dango.)