//ooc; I think it’s unfair to say that Naruto doesn’t know suffering. Everyone suffers differently in different ways. Everyone copes in different ways. Doesn’t matter if x persons situation was worse or not. What one person my shrug off, another person may have a breakdown over.


hallowedhell replied to your post://ooc: As much as I don’t like what kishi has done…
I just stopped reading it period. I just watch for Shisui’s fillers I think.

//ooc; I’m gonna down with it like the captain of the titanic. Can’t help myself lol.

godofsenju replied to your post://ooc: As much as I don’t like what kishi has done…
sorry if my post was negative or anything D: didn’t mean to offend you or your muse, you know i love both

//ooc: It wasn’t your post hun, no worries :3 Everyone’s allowed an opinion after all, some people are just a bit rude in how they put that across however. But yeah, wasn’t you ^^


//ooc: As much as I don’t like what kishi has done to the characters, I fell in love with them for a reason and some of what I’m seeing on my dash is a bit.. I dunno. Going too far. Ripping them up for ass-paper basically. Probably worded a bit too aggressively. Idek.


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30 Days of Character Development: Days 10 & 11 

Can you define a turning point in your character’s life? Multiples are acceptable. 

As Sasuke follows canon up until the war, I will only define the turning points that have happened since.

  • The War’s Climax - Though the alliance were victorious, the devastation and loss of lives was insurmountable. As everyone started to pick up the pieces, Sasuke took this opportunity to slip away - afterall, despite his aid, he was still considered a dangerous criminal and he had no doubts he would be taken in should he hang around.
  • Reunion - After spending several months on the road, avoiding major villages and taking up small jobs; Sasuke was reunited with Naruto by chance. After a messy clash, arguments, fighting and eventually talking like adults - Deeply buried feelings are unveiled marking the start of their relationship. Naruto convinces Sasuke to come back to Konoha with him.  (Read this to get full story)
  • Sasuke is arrested on arrival and is put on trial. He is stripped of any rank at all, is unable to partake in missions and has do community service under ANBU watch. His return is very controversial and he faces lots of abuse.
  • Re-Assessment - Sasuke is deemed fit to remain in the village. (..and this is as far as we’ve got xD Read Rebirth thread to catch up ) 

Is there an animal you equate with your character? 

A hawk and not for obvious reasons. Looking into symbolism and totems, hawks are regarded as having the following traits, some which ring true for Sasuke:

Positive Traits

  • Perceptive
  • Intuitive
  • Direct.
  • Problem Solvers
  • Sharp, witty and intelligent.
  • Dreamers

Negative Traits

  • Can be too forth-coming with their observations and with blunt honesty that lacks tact.
  • Can develop superiority complexes.
  • In regards to the ‘dreamers’ trait, a little naivety can bleed into their personality because of this.
  • Often take being wrong hard or even deny being wrong at all.

Matters of the Heart.



As shock and horror dawned in his brother’s eyes he felt that he should have taken a different route when telling him what he had. There was never an easy way to break that kind of news to anyone though, especially when it was someone close to you and Shisui had been close to them both. But without a doubt the elder Uchiha had been closest to Itachi and that was another reason it hurt so badly even if the prodigy refused to acknowledge the pain.

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The emotions tearing through Sasuke are unlike anything he has ever felt before. They are overwhelming, clogging his throat so that his sobs come out broken between gasps. Amidst the shock and anguish is a desperate plea for Itachi’s safety and an unbearable fear that his brother may meet the same fate. Losing Shisui is something Sasuke, in his naivety, had never considered. To him, Itachi and Shisui had always been untouchable. Like the heroes in his old picture books, good people like his brother and cousin always had a happy ending. 

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hibernalonyx asked:
Little feet move quickly on the wooden floor. It is silent except for the quiet whispering of the wind. Those feet pause for a moment outside the door; he can see light coming from the room under it so knocks softly before going in. He trots over the male seated at the desk and cuddles into his leg. "I can't sleep..." //have some cute


Sitting at his desk the young prodigy poured over the scrolls spread out before him. Each scroll held within it details of the assignment he would be undertaking soon and he liked to always be prepared for tricky missions such as this whenever they occurred. Now if only he could find as easy a way to avoid the grisly work in the first place…

The soft knock at the door caught his attention but he ignored it figuring it was Mikoto simply checking in as she often did. However, when he didn’t hear her voice he began to raise his head when he felt a small body curl against his leg. Looking downward he caught sight of Sasuke, the boy looking barely awake despite his claims of being unable to sleep. So he must be still having nightmares…that was something that Itachi could understand all too well.

"Nightmares again?" He asked as he shifted in his seat. Then with the utmost care he picked up the small boy and walked over to his bed where he sat his brother down before sitting beside him. "Or is it something else that’s bothering you this time?"

With his legs dangling over the side of the bed, Sasuke sighs softly, looking down at his toes for moment.

"It’s not a nightmare…" A frown tugs at his lips, he hates feeling like this, especially as he wants to be as strong as his brother on day. He is sure getting upset over these sort of things would be classed as ‘weak’.

"I heard Tou-san say you had a very important mission and you might have to go away for a while." Sasuke explains sadly. "I know you are strong and smart but I’m scared you might get hurt. I was thinking about what if you don’t come home? What if I never see you again?" The more Sasuke talks, the more distraught he sounds. Sometimes his nightmares involved his family being taken away but now his nightmares feel very real.

"Promise me you’ll come home Nii-san!" The boys turns, hiding his face in the sleeve of Itachi’s shirt.