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Sasuke Uchiha and Sasuke is proud to call his lover of the hand around his neck and the sanguine liquid just keeps coming to the wedding and I will come in and Sasuke’s chest constricts the same Dei I know that I may have to watch him suffer from the first time in the UK.


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We more Itachi, Sasuke, and Shisui fillers (๑•̀∀•́ฅ ✧

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For Amaryllis-drifts

Happy Birthday Echo, hope you have a lovely day ^^

For Amaryllis-drifts

Happy Birthday Echo, hope you have a lovely day ^^



The chilled breeze permeates throughout the woodland expanse, weaving through the trees, gnarled and grey; a bleak contrast to the pristine white snow. The overhanging branches, bare and void of life, sway under it’s unrelenting influence. Months of cold weather have taken their toll on the land, a vast peppering of dead trees and nothing much else.

Except today.

A lone man walks amidst the desolation, his frame rigid as he hugs the tails of his flimsy clock around his body. Facing the direction of the wind, efforts to ward off the bitter chill are futile. It penetrates the simple fabric, crawling over his flesh. His breath expels in short pants, freezing on the air, visible wisps dying in an instant.

He is heading North, trudging steps leaving shallow imprints in the carpet of snow. His pace is slow but it gives him the opportunity to look up and see the first stars awaking, pinpricks of light winking in the clear sky. The moon is present too; a silvery crescent, it’s light kissing the man’s cheek and bathing him in an ethereal glow.

Sasuke Uchiha is his name, his destination unknown. The cold is his harbour. It numbs his senses and traps his feelings in it’s icy grip. The harsh landscape suits him well.

Scorch Marks || Open



The rain falls relentlessly, the surrounding trees barely providing any respite. The heavily saturated ground squelches beneath a pair of ninja footwear. One palm pressed against the rough bark of a tree, Sasuke struggles to support himself. He had been training for hours non-stop in these weather conditions and he was beginning to feel the strain.

His clothes cling to his lithe frame like a second skin and with burning lungs, he coughs violently, a mouthful of blood spilling from between his lips. The crimson liquid mixes with the water that drips from his coal-black tresses and travels down a pale neck. Lifting his free hand to wipe away the blood, he musters enough strength to stand upright with out the support of the tree.

He blinks up at the dark skies from under charcoal lashes then switches his focus away from the pain that wracks his body. Quickly forming a series of hand seals, the familiar ball of energy begins to form… the thousand birds. The ball of energy begins to distort, a soft crackling sound breaking through the sound of rainfall. Trying to release the energy into lightning, Sasuke feels like there is lava running through his veins, his focus is slipping. The distortion stops and he is left with the energy ball that withers as he struggles to keep it together. Letting out a scream of agony, he falls to his knees… he was done.

Looking around at the scorch marks left by his previous efforts, then down at the pool of red rainwater, Sasuke once again tries to get to his feet but his limbs just won’t cooperate and he collapses… the conscious world slowly slipping away…


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