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godofsenju replied to your post“//ooc: Interesting chat today at work.

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Anonymous: do you sing that song to naruto when you give him the old pickle tickle


//ooc: Interesting chat today at work.

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Omfg fuck you


Omfg fuck you

The 8th icon in your folder is your muse’s reaction to being asked if they’re a virgin





neh-neh-naruto: "A thousand armies couldn't keep me out."


"You’ll ruin the surprise shithead. If one of hair of yours comes through this door, I’ll set fire to Ichiraku’s!"


The one time Sasuke decides to be spontaneous and does something completely selfless that Naruto will enjoy and the idiot is intent on spoiling it.

"I mean it! Get lost until I say!" 


He hears the footsteps coming up the stairs, so when someone’s fist makes contact with his door, it doesn’t startle him at all. “Something tells me they forgot that I’d be here,” he mentions when he pushes himself off the couch and when he opens the door three expressions tell him just that.


Childrennn,” Naruto grins, opening the door wider for the trio to come in, “your sensei actually tried cooking today without me having to take him to the ER! Come on in and see what he’s thrown together! Awwh, have you guys gotten bigger since I last saw you?”

There’s hesitance in their stance, that much is evident, but then Junko is nodding and making her way through the door. Mamoru follows and frowns at her back, annoyed he himself hadn’t been the one to make the first move. Keiji gives a sniff and trails after the pair.

Naruto quietly chuckles to himself and surmises their evening will be pretty interesting.

The enthusiastic greeting does not go unnoticed and Sasuke inwardly groans as he sets the last of the chopsticks down at the table. He is stood with his arms folded when the trio trundle in followed by Naruto.

"What did you make?"

"It smells good!"

"Does it have nuts in? I’m allergic to nuts."

"Did Naruto-sama help?"

They all chirp in unison and Sasuke shoots Naruto a look before speaking. “One at time! You’ll soon find out what I made, no it doesn’t have nuts and no I made this by myself. There’s still a few minutes left so Naruto can give you the grand tour.”

"Please." He adds meaningfully at the end, locking eyes with Naruto. 

ladyuchihamikoto: "You don't have to be afraid anymore."


Despite his mothers words, the nightmare is fresh in Sasuke’s mind and he clings to her, tears still wet on his cheeks.

It was so real. The fire, his brother.. screaming, crying. Great beasts destroying their home and the entire village. Sasuke was helpless. When he tried to move it’s like his feet were stuck to the floor. Itach was calling out to him with open arms, begging for help..

..and Sasuke could do nothing.

Then he had heard his father’s voice, telling him how disappointed he was. His mother was there too, shaking her head sadly.

It was awful!

"I’m sorry Kaa-san." He sniffs, fighting back another onslaught of sobs.

florence & the machine starters

"There is no way out."
"I never wanted anything from you."
"I like to keep to myself, thank you."
"I was dead when I woke up this morning."
"My heart is hollow now."
"They're coming to get you."
"There's a drumming noise inside my head."
"Tell me what you want me to say."
"Leave all your love behind and run."
"There's no light in your eyes."
"I'l be dead before the day is done."
"It's over. And I'm going under."
"It's peaceful in the deep. No need to pray, no need to speak."
"I found the devil in me looking for heaven."
"A kiss with a fist is better than none."
"You are the space in my bed."
"If you're gone, I will not belong here."
"I was just looking for a breath of life."
"I can stay in the dark if you need me to."
"I don't want your money. I don't want your crown. I've come to burn your kingdom down."
"Whose side are you on?"
"Sooner or later, you love the things you lose."
"Would you leave me if I told you what I've done?"
"Never let me go."
"All your love will be exorcised."
"I can hear your heart beat."
"What has been done can not be undone."
"You left me in the dark. What was I supposed to do?"
"I'm damned if I do, and I'm damned if I don't."
"You'll carry it with you if you want to survive.'
"A thousand armies couldn't keep me out."
"The room was so quiet..."
"Things go wrong no matter what I do!"
"You were a falling star, and I caught you."
"You're my head, you're my heart."
"Though the pressure's hard to take, it's the only way I can escape."
"It's hard to dance with the devil on your back."
"You don't have to be afraid anymore."
"They're in my head. They won't shut up."
"I never knew daylight could be so violent."
"What's the point in living?"
"They were there when I woke up this morning."
"I know I can count on you."
"Sometimes I just feel like saying I don't care."
"I'm always in this twilight in the shadow of your heart."
"I started to hear it again.."
"I can't leave the past behind."
"You've got the love I need."
"The dog days are over."
"You can't choose what fades away and what stays."
"Life is just too much."
"I was looking to get a dream of life again."
"I'm not giving up. I'm just giving in."
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