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nardobe asked:
-plays with kittens in his yard-

Hears a commotion outside and pokes his head out of the window to observe Naruto and what looks like four kitten crawling all over him.

"Oi, what are you doing?"

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charmingfatality asked:
"Don't ew at me, you know you love me." Konan makes a face when he voices his playful disgust, giving his hair a tug with her fingers as punishment. She smiles then, his excitement in moving was contagious. Really, she was just happy he wouldn't be living here anymore, she thought he deserved a lot better. "If you need any help with moving, I'd be happy to help. Should you tell Madara?" She questions thoughtfully, a bit concerned that she hadn't heard from him lately.

He playfully swats at her hands, “Oi, not the hair!” His hair is untamed as it is without Konan’s help. “Madara? I will tell him when I can get hold of him. There must be bad signal or something where he is because none of my messages have been returned and when I try to call it goes straight to voicemail.”

It is troubling but there is little he can do. Madara is a private man and he said he had personal business to attend to.

godofsenju asked:
< "Suck my dick." // IDK IM SORRY





"My mouth is already occupied and I don’t want splinters." 


"The age of consent was 16 when I was in office. Has this changed?"


"I don’t give a damn about no ‘age of consent’," he screeches, shielding Sasuke with his body.

"Do not mack on Sasuke!!!

"Ladies, ladies please. There’s plenty of ‘chia to go around."


"Separation anxiety?" Naruto says sullenly, though the words aren’t mocking at all. Two weeks was always a trip, even when he had no one to say good bye to.

"We’ve been separated for much longer than that, remember? We can handle this fine. It’s a B rank, by the way, and Shikamaru’s coming along." His presence during the mission most definitely means it’s of a diplomatic kind. While Naruto can’t fully disclose the details, that amount will suffice.

"Tch, no!" Sasuke rolls his eyes and averts his gaze before smiling sheepishly. "Maybe a little.. I will have to take the full brunt of the the girls solo however. I don’t need to tell you this but be safe? No reckless impulse actions. I want you back in one piece."

Anonymous asked:
What about Kagami?What do you remember about him?

"Unfortunately, there is little I can remember of Kagami. I saw him on occasion, speaking with my father and sometimes Itachi. He seemed like a pleasant person and from what I’ve heard he too held the the protection of the village close to heart."


"Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?” Regardless, Naruto still winds up striding over to the Uchiha. 



"I heard you’re going on a two week long mission." Is all he says, pulling the blond onto his lap. "This will be the longest we’ve been separated since Hana…"

neh-neh-naruto asked:
< "Walk around in high heels for the whole day." He throws a pair at him. "I got Sakura to approve. Do it, teme."

"I’ll break my ankles. You can’t be serious."

"Naruto, get your orange-clad butt here."

charmingfatality asked:
< "Brush and play with my hair, and tell me I'm pretty."


"Are you trying to get me thumped?" He chuckles, reaching for a paddle brush and running it through Konan’s silky tresses. "You are very pretty - for a girl." He snorts. "… And you hair smells nice."