There’s a funny sort of normalcy the have managed to make for each other. Naruto realizes normal couples are usually more affectionate upon seeing each other again after having gone so long without, but neither Naruto or Sasuke have ever been lucky enough to place themselves in the ‘normal’ class, so this is as close as they’ll probably get. Combine Naruto’s inherent willingness to joke in any situation and Sasuke’s issues, the blond likes to think they’re faring pretty well.

"M-hm," he mumbles, "and you’re still no-good delinquent, but I guess I still love you. I guess." When he pulls back, Naruto grinning wide. He’s glad for this. Glad to be home.


"Just don’t make fun of me too much. Remember this is a delicate time for me and my hair. Anyway, I really want to order in and do some things with you later tonight. You up for that, or is that scratch on your shoulder too much?"

"Shut up you sap." His tone is playful and in a last act of ‘Sasuke annoys Naruto’ he fists what hair he can tugs gently. "Good I still yank on it."

Naruto’s suggestion sounds really appealing right now and Sasuke can barely mask his enthusiasm. The past few weeks without the blond’s presence had left Sasuke with little to do most evenings and that’s when he found he missed the company the most.

It’s laughable really, rewind a few years and Sasuke would be quite content alone and left to his devices. He had neither the desire or need to seek out company from anyone.

"I’m intrigued at what these ‘things’ are but my shoulder is fine." Come hell or high water. "I anticipated you would want a take-away so that’s good too."

A little while later after the order has been called through, Sasuke joins Naruto on the sofa. “I missed you.” He admits in a very un-Sasuke tone.

neh-neh-naruto whispered -- "Okay so about that tomato garden incident, there are several different scenarios I've come up with to plead my case." 


"Oh do please enlighten me."

With Naruto, the possibilities are endless.



"Too bad my toads can’t be the messengers," he mumbles absently, hands dropping to Sasuke’s waist where he immediately lifts the other’s shirt, shucking it off and onto the floor. Naruto quickly grabs a hold of one of the other’s defending hands, holding it firmly within his own to prevent  any further protest.

The scar is, true to what Sasuke briefly mentions, barely a scar. It’s been healed relatively fine, but the skin is still an angry red hue. “Fighting with your eyes closed again I see,” he comments, but his words hold no venom as he gingerly prods at the wound.


Pulling back, Naruto awards Sasuke with another look.  “Well, now that your shirt’s off, everything feels a little better. All and all the trip went well. Sorted out some debts and trade issues with Suna and got back in one piece. And-“

Naruto presses close this time, arms circling around Sasuke’s form and lips settling on the other’s shoulder opposite the wounded one. “I’m glad to be home.”

"It’s completely fine!" He hisses.  Despite his protests, he doesn’t struggle all that much when his shirt is removed and simply scowls whilst Naruto checks him over. "See?" He mutters with a wince. Apparently looking was not enough for Naruto but any snarky remark dies on his lips at the blond’s next statement.

"I wasn’t aware my body had such an effect." He says a little too smugly.

It’s nice to have those strong arms around him again and he sags a little into the embrace, returning a kiss to the top of blond tufts. “I’m glad you’re home…”

"…but you’re still a moron" He smiles whilst Naruto cannot see.

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Fingers smooth along his scalp, tips pushing the hood so that it falls back onto his shoulders. He pins Sasuke with a frown, blond brows drawn together as regret still ebbs in him. “I never thought it’d look this bad. I think I’m still in a state of shock. Also people have been doing that double-take thing with me ever since I got back and…” Heaving a sigh, Naruto decides to drop it. 

"Did you get my letters? I’m hoping that chicken didn’t bite at you like it did me. Also, where the hell is this scar you were talking about? I told you you needed to work on your defence!” Naruto clasps Sasuke’s angled jaw and tilts it, blue eyes searching the other’s face for evidence.


"Like I said it’s a big change and people aren’t used to it yet." In Sasuke’s mind, it didn’t look bad anyway. Different, but not bad. Since Naruto had decided to drop the subject, Sasuke took that as a hint to comment no further about it.

"I did and I can’t help but feel your affinity with animals is limited to canines and amphibians." He chuckles. ".. And Kirin depending on her mood. I’m surprised she had crawled out to meet you yet, she’s getting lazy."

"My scar is on my shoulder, though technically it’s still a healing wound." He grumbles, attempting to swat the others hand away. "You didn’t answer my question about your trip. Welcome home, by the way."

Their dynamic was always the same; get to the ‘important’ issues first, insult each other and soon enough no doubt, a real welcome home.


I was watching Princess Mononoke and it compelled me to do a crossover (although it’s been done like 2045 times already) 



"Okay but for the time being, I’m going to be your nerd Hokage. Do you want a nerd for a Hokage, Sasuke? Do you?!" Naruto realizes his response is overly dramatic, but drama followed the blond around like a shadow and today would be no different. His indignant gaze narrows to blue slits at the mention of his past comments and ‘being cool’ and the like.

"Don’t try to comfort me with your barely concealed smirks and listless reassuring words."


"It’s almost as bad as your hair during the chuunin exams…"

Sasuke shakes his head at the dramatics but the upturned lips remain. 

"I never thought you’d be so sensitive about your appearance and don’t bring my hair into it. It wasn’t like that for long and neither wills yours be. I’m not trying to be an ass here," yet ”..I’m just saying it like it is.”

In what may perhaps turn out to be a stupid move, Sasuke reaches out an slides his fingers under the hood and into the shorter strands. “You haven’t even said how much you’ve missed me yet, I’m wounded.”